The Smart Menu
'cause menus just don't work

Reading a menu is hard

Harder than you think.

For many people it's just a bunch of words and numbers that don't help them at all.

And choosing is a pain

People look you up on social media, find some random images about your venue and food, then make a choice.

And then... dissatisfaction

Way too many clients regret their choices.

They feel a bad choice is their fault,
but clients leaving your restaurant with a sense of regret is really bad for your business, isn't it?
Even more if you are a top restaurant!

“ Delight and sell more

Sell more, more often

We help you tease and entice your clients to ask for more.

The secret? We find and match your niche market.

Bring clients back

Do you have deals? Specials? Loyalty schemes? We help you advertise more effectively and bring your clients back to you.

Sell Smart

What's your signature dish?
We help you promote it and show the world.

What makes you the best profit?
We help you sell that better.

Allergies? Diets? Sorted.

With smart filters we offer your clients an all-you-can-see-you-can-eat version of your menu, so they'll have less questions to ask.

“ I love browsing and exploring dishes with Hello Menu. It's so fast and easy! — Edith, a happy client

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